How do I Use the Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility?

If there is a new more tips here Update available, click on either the hyperlink for the update, or click on the system tray pop-up balloon when a notification appears. The hyperlink will take you to to the relevant driver page for your hardware. View available and installed updates as well as manually force a search for the latest updates by clicking the Check for Updates button. Enable and disable automatic game and program profiles, including SLI.

  • So, make sure to check your system’s settings before moving ahead.
  • AMD chipsets are compatible with many different types of laptops and notebooks.
  • If you experience any crashes or other issues after updating your drivers, you can usually roll back to an earlier version.
  • Now that we know the importance of your chipset, it’s time to check what your Intel chipset version is.

Once downloaded, unzip the file in the folder you want on your PC, such as on the Desktop. Once done, you must restart the computer and boot in safe mode to prevent any drivers from loading and thus be able to eliminate them without problems. With the computer started in safe mode, open DDU and you will see the following screen. Windows 10 updates most of your device drivers automatically. But if you’d like to manually install the latest drivers , you can do so by downloading the drivers from the device manufacturer’s site or using Device Manager.

How to Restart Your PC’s Graphics Drivers

In the event that this technique didn’t work, attempt the accompanying moves toward reset your designs driver. Of course, if you see a blue screen of death, this shortcut won’t help. The blue screen of death indicates that your Windows operating system has completely crashed, and all you can do is restart your PC. Your screen will go black for a split second and you’ll hear a beep.

The tool will download and install the latest drivers on your system and ultimately help resolve the issue of network connectivity. Once you’ve updated your drivers, your device should be ready to use with Windows 10. If all else fails, you can factory reset Windows 10 and start fresh. Just be sure to save your existing personal files like images, music, and more before taking that action.

Reseat the Card

Then go to the “Product” drop down list near the top of the page and select “AMD 8000 series” and click the “Submit” button. The “Drivers and Downloads” tab contains your drivers (and a few which don’t work for your chipset). Now, we’re going to explain how to upgrade just your chipset driver by using Windows 10. Just remember that if something happens in the installation process your PC may be unusable. The safest and most convenient way to update your chipset driver is using a third-party tool.

How to Rollback Driver Updates

Here, on the right pane, you will see the Video Playback option. Click the “Run the Troubleshooter” button. If you encounter the video driver crash problem while playing videos with the in-built Media Player, you can try running the Video Playback Troubleshooter.

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